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The Humsuit, who was recently acknowledged as China time-honored brand again by National Ministry of Commerce, was founded at the year of 1929, initiated from “Hengsheng”. Throughout the century, Humsuit is keeping focus on “personalized design, manually made” with top grade suit, overcoat, formal dress, shirt, and standing with traditional style for gentleman. With emotional anticipation, Humsuit is having his flagship store magnificently open in Golden triangle shopping centre at West Nanjing Road, acting with “time-honored, image-modern” very soon. Humsuit will constantly offer its service to the gentlemen, who have favor and enjoyment in personalization, with China Intangible Cultural Heritage -- Humsuit Feng band tailor skill, as well as to bring satisfaction to those who , through core theme of spread for personalization

The skill disciples are in charge of our production team. The disciples finish each step.TO satisfy the customers’ personality and specility request,welcome you to our flagship and also can order from website.



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